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Let’s bridge the gap between emotions with herbals

Navigating the Intersection of Emotions and Disease


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Let’s work together through a 1:1 session to talk about ways I can assist you through your wellness journey. My process in Herbalism is rooted in Ayurveda, Astrology and your unique constitution. I will create a unique plan just for you and aid you on your journey through wholesome embodiment.


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Meet Kayla, Saged Fibers

Meet Your Herbalist

The connection between humans and plants have been an ongoing story of beautiful relations for millennia. The relationship between the two is uncanny and humble. My desire to reach the true understanding of purpose between the two species has been a journey far greater than me, but my will to learn and to be patient, has gifted me many possibilities to teach, to support and to re-connect the modern human back to our ancient way of healing, this is my herbalism.

It’s my life purpose to guide others on the path of plant connection and how they work on a physical and spiritual level. Over the years with my practice through herbal integration, I’ve noticed myself becoming stuck emotionally, and physically, when working with plants and their constituents. I have come to understand that we as human beings do not work with uses, but rather emotions, elements and energy.


The Experience


Unlock and discover the intuitive practice of plant therapy and how to incorporate subtle essences from plants to enhance, unblock, and transform human emotion. Kayla’s work is rooted in ancient herbal practices, vibrational medicine and the act of simply being human.

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