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Pause to feel your pulse, breath, as well as your pain. Is there something being told, and what can do you do? Act upon these messages to relieve the stress within your body.


How can you polish your routine into something a bit more tailored to your needs as a human being? Embrace every aspect of being you and nourish your mind, body, and soul.


Stimulate yourself with daily practices to create positive and sustainable habits to keep every aspect of your being synergistically aligned. 


Kayla, of Saged Fibers | Intuitive Herbalist

Saged Fibers describes the connectedness of my everyday life with the ancient wisdom of our earth and all it has to offer us as human beings. Herbalism is a lifestyle practice. It's about bringing the body into balance in more areas than one. Connecting with the plants has provided me a foundation in which I've explored my life in a completely different way. Each experience is a fiber; day after day is woven together to create the art that is my life as a modern day herbalist. In this space I provide insight into the world of modern herbalism and how each unique individual needs a plan tailored to their unique body constitution. This is a safe space. A place free of judgement, fear, diet plans and the vision of perfection.

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When we don’t try so hard to fix everything, those things tend to fix themselves. When we don’t try so hard to fix everything ourselves, those things tend to be fixed by the aid of others.
— Kayla, Saged Fibers


Often we lose our natural rhythm of being, but through herbal practices, balanced nutrition and mindfulness, we can restore balance


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