"Holistic wellness is a practice used when a person uses their whole mind, body, soul and emotions to reach optimal livelihood. Negative imbalances of any can cause many effects on one's health. I want you to find out ways to use herbs, meditation, vibrational practices and self care to enrich your own life."

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Where To Begin

You've decided that you want to start your holistic wellness journey, but you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I understand, but don't be! Take a deep breath in, and let me guide you on this journey. Here are my top 3 posts to get you started.


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Reach out to me if you need some guidance in regards to self care routines, herbalism, and anything wellness related. Your information is private.

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*As an herbalist, I can not treat, prescribe, cure or diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing, but I would be happy to offer you support, provide balance and educate you along your way to a natural wellness lifestyle. Please consult a doctor before considering putting herbs into your lifestyle.