It's so wonderful to meet you! Currently, I work for a start up company, but most importantly I'm a part time lady bad ass. 

I live a very simple life. I've been with the man of my dreams for over 5 years now and I fall deeper in love every single day. He has always been supportive with everything I strive to accomplish. I have children, but they walk on all four and purr when you scratch behind their ears. Their names are Leo & Lee.

I'm the oldest of many, and have the best family a girl could ever ask for, but I'm biased. I could not, and would not, be where I am today without the push of my parents and the care they have always given me. 

Every day I wake up and I ask myself how I could do better, be better and how could I set a greater foundation for my future? That attitude didn't come over night, and it's been a long road of reality checks and sleepless nights. I learned how to say "Just go with it" and "The sun will rise tomorrow." 


Why a blog?

Most times, I think of blogging as my very own self care routine. Every day I get to sit down with either tea or coffee in my hand and just absolutely be myself and show others what makes me get up every single morning.  I do this because I love it so much and I feel like it's my passion.

Education has always been important to me. I never did proceed to go to college, but that has never stopped me from picking up a book.

The majority of my wanderlust centers around beauty, herbal health, the environment and travel. 

This blog space will bring you on my journey of herbal wellness. I will educate you to the best of my abilities, and hopefully empower you in many ways. I hope this blog inspires you to explore ideas, travel and for you to use the  resources that surround us every single day. 

"Holistic wellness is a practice used when a person uses their whole mind, body, soul and emotions to reach optimal livelihood. Negative imbalances of any can cause many effects on one's health. I want you to find out ways to use herbs, meditation, vibrational practices and self care to enrich your own life."