Saged Fibers

Kayla’s Safe Space

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saged fibers

The brand started in January of 2017 and it first became a highlight for energetic clearing, but then in it’s own unique way and by the pulls of the uniserve, Kayla has transformed it into a safe space for holistic bodily knowledge, her sharings and gifts of innate wisdom and education surrounding earth medicine. Saged Fibers describes the connectedness of everyday life, with each fiber of our mornings and evenings woven together to create this magical thing called life.

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A word from Kayla..

It has taken many years for me to learn how to finally step into my own power as a woman and a teacher. There have been instances in my life that inspired my own journey into this holistic space from my binge eating disorder, getting Rhabdomyolysis, experiencing amenorrhea and a wide spectrum of hormone imbalances. There’s been a lot of programming in my life, like most of us, that I am working on repairing to become my truest authentic self, that of a child.

My work is multifaceted. My study on the anatomy of our body started in 2012, and has grown deeper as I have studied Herbalism Sciences and traditional healing practices from around the world. I am inspired by our ancestors, our solar system, plants, Ayurvedic practices and my gifts. My gifts include my connection to my subconscious and innate wisdom that I have held for what I believe to be for many life times. My intuition plays a big role in my practice and my ways of educating, but my goal is to inspire others to find their own power of the mind and to begin deep within. There’s years of layers we have to peel back, but once we remove the first, the sense of relief is quite magical.

Kayla’s Energetic Body

Sun: pisces

Moon: gemini

rising: virgo

Human Design: manifesting generator

Herbalism is a lifestyle practice. It's about bringing the body into balance in more areas than one. Connecting with the plants will provide you with a foundation in which you’ll explore your life in a completely different way, a way our ancestors once lived. In this space I provide insight into the world of modern and ancient herbalism and how each unique individual needs a plan tailored to their unique bodily constitution. I'm your herbalist. The best of you lives within, you just have to be gentle.


“Everything we need is outside and within us”

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Kayla has..

Completed Human Services of Core Body & Knowledge, 400 hours in 21st Century Skills at Eastland Vocational Career Center with in depth work of health safety, communications, hair & skin, as well as anatomy and physiology. |2012-2015|

Completed the 6 modules of Introductory Herbalism, 100 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those 6 modules of herbal health she intensively studied herbal preparations, the immune, respiratory and nervous system, the skin, ailments, herbal therapeutics, the holistic model of health, systems of healing and she passed all intensive examinations. |2017|

Completed the 10 modules of Intermediate Herbalism, 200 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those modules of herbal health she intensively studied anatomy, physiology, herbal therapeutics and the completion of passage in clinical examinations. |2018|

Completed the 3 modules of Botany & Wildcrafting, 30 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those modules of herbal health she intensively studied plant biology and ecology, plant identification, wildcrafting and harvesting, and environmental ethics. |2018|