Smudging a Space

Have you ever seen someone cleanse a space with herbs or holy wood? Are you not sure what any of that is or what it does? Have you ever correlated it with only spiritual practices? If you have questions, I hope to answer them all for you. 

Why should we smudge a space or object?

I find that every time a new crystal comes into my home, or when I meditate, or need to clear energy in my house, smudging is the best way to start new energy. It's important to understand that energy has to be special to you. Let's say that you just moved into a home, and everything is perfect but, the air appears to be really heavy. When you moved in you feel as if the energy left behind was not soothing to your new family, and you want to start fresh. Smudging a space with a herbal sage bundle, or a palo santo stick will help you achieve a brand new energy. 

Have you ever had some family and friends come over, but once they left you felt that the air was heavy? Remember that smudging a space doesn't mean it should just be done when you feel negativity, but rather you need to clear the air to move on into tomorrow, even though you had a great time when you had guests! Starting fresh every chance you get is the best way to feel comfortable wherever you are and wherever you will go.

How do we smudge a space with our smudging tool?

Sage smudging is a way to “clear the air” in your home or space, to get rid of any “negative” or “stuck” energy using the smoke from a burning bunch, or wand, of sage leaves. Did you know that when you sage your space you also gets rid of lingering bacteria in your area? 

So how do you do it? It’s easy! Basically, you start at the outermost areas of your home, working inward. To begin, burn the tip of your smudging tool of choice and blow out any flame until you are only left with the smoke. Walk through your home and waft some of the sage smoke into all of the nooks and crannies of your home. Ideally, you should outline every line, in every room: windows, doors, walls, closets, hallways, etc. Always be careful smudging! Be sure to also pay attention if you have sensitive fire alarms – don’t waft the smoke too close!! Also, be sure to watch for any fallen cherries as it is a fire hazard). 

How do I know when I should clear a space?

How can you “feel” it? Luckily, there are no special skills required! If you feel that things around you are “heavy” or if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed or stuck (and you don’t, usually), it’s probably a good time to try to clear the energy up! Listen to your body and your mind. If it's telling you that there is something "off" you better get rid of that bad juju girl! Smudge it I say! You absolutely can not get it wrong, and you are only going to be clearing a space for a positive outcome. It's also completely safe to do it around your animals, but just watch for any fallen cherry tops and make sure they are in a well ventilated area at the time. 

Bonus Podcast:

I was on a podcast, with a husband and wife duo, Spooky Spouses where we talked about herbalism, smudging and more! If you found this post interesting, you will love this! Click the link below. 

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