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Owning Your Intuition

Owning who you are can be a difficult thought process to wrap your mind around, especially if you have grown up with many self doubts, like myself. A question that kept coming up in my life was “is this my intuition, or is this my ego?”, and the answer to that statement alone is- ego. With intuition, it’s not to be thought about, it’s to be felt.

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15 Minutes: All You Need For A Mindful Morning

We all have different needs, our priorities look a little different, some of us don't have weekends off, and sometimes our schedules are all over the place. Since we are all magically different not only with our schedules, but also with our bodies, it would be hard for me to list exact steps you should take the moment you awake to make your morning as mindful as possible, because again, we're all different.

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Managing Our Stress Holistically

Being stressed out is an unfortunate part of being human, and it really can be unavoidable. However, because we are magnificent human beings, we have the power and ability to shift our focuses away from the stress, and learn how to take everything a little slower, and take care of our mental, physical & spiritual health. There is no one specific reason a person may be stressed out, and there is no one way to fix or even manage a person's stress and that should be important moving forward.

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