Bulgarian Rose Water

When we think of Rose Water, we tend to think about how great it is for our skin as a toner, or moisturizer, right? Well, I don't want your mind to limit you to just those thoughts, because Rose Water, especially High-Vibrational Bulgarian Rose Water, can be used for many different things! Frequencies are vibrations that create waves.

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High Vibrational Bulgarian Rose

The Bulgarian Rose is very unique in the sense that it's not your typical ornamental rose that you see outside growing in your yard (especially if you are not from Bulgaria), and it's actually considered an herb because of its high medicinal properties. It's really high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and the oil on the Bulgarian Rose is considered one of the most expensive essential oils you can find, due to its rarity and unique traits.

What if I told you Bulgarian Rose has the highest vibrating floral substance known to mankind? Would you believe me? You should!

The oil in the flower vibrates at about 320 megahertz, and a healthy human body vibrates at only 60 to 80 megahertz. When the human body falls under 60 megahertz, that is when we will typically suffer from colds, anxiety or depression. Keeping your vibrations, or frequency high, is a great way to have a healthy and balanced body. Frequencies are vibrations that create waves, the important thing to know about frequencies and human beings is that there is no one key note that we all put off on a daily basis, nor one that we were created with. Frequencies that we put off change by the day but it's also very important to know that we have the ability to lower or heighten the wave. Who we are, is up to us.

Uses for Bulgarian Rose Water

  • Aromatherapy- You can run normal distilled water in your diffuser at home, and add a teaspoon of Bulgarian rose water to it and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. The Bulgarian Rose has a lot of cell rejuvenating properties, and will act as an Antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and calm the nervous system. 

  • Skin Conditioning & Toning- Bulgarian Rose Water is a perfect addition to your Skincare routine, as it reduces inflammation in the skin, and will help with people who suffer from mild rosacea, as it balances red pigment. 

  • Hair Care- Because the bulgarian rose is high in Nutrients, a spritz of its water will leave your hair silky soft and promote strength to your cuticles. (Cuticles are not just on your nails folks) (I guess my years of cosmetology training is getting some use)

  • Cooking- Not only is bulgarian rose water really good for you, it tastes delicious! Feel free to add this to your morning bowl of oats, or your evening stew of rice.

  • Drinking- I've been found guilty many times of carrying a rose quartz in my water bottle, and I highly encourage you to spruce up the taste of your water too with bulgarian rose to get those wonderful Nutritious properties working from the inside out!

  • Eye Care- Bulgarian Rose water has been known to help against eye Problems and skin irritations, so using this water in small amounts to flush out our eyes, or even our pets eyes, will allow clarity in our retenas. 

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