Raise Your Frequency

What is a frequency?

Frequencies are vibrations that create waves. I remember when I went to a Sound Bath, the musicians spoke frequently of different frequencies that they would play, then we would later feel it in our bodies. Is it really that crazy to think that different frequencies we put off as humans can negatively or positively affect our mood? A healthy human body vibrates at only 60 to 80 megahertz. When the human body falls under 60 megahertz, that is when we will typically suffer from colds, anxiety or depression. Keeping your vibrations, or frequency high, is a great way to have a healthy and balanced body. 

How does a frequency affect your mood?

The important thing to know about frequencies and human beings is that there is no one key note that we all put off on a daily basis, nor one that we were created with. Frequencies that we put off change by the day but it's also very important to know that we have the ability to lower or heighten the wave. Who we are, is up to us.

Is a low frequency, bad?

I'd say it's not ideal. For instance, studies have shown just how much food can impact our mood right? Think of what you eat, also as a frequency. Obviously, pizza, cookies, milkshakes (everything delicious) can really bring us down. It makes us feel lethargic and perhaps a little grumpy? I know, you think eating pizza is something that is very enjoyable for yourself, but your insides are not having a good time. When your insides are not having a good time, things go a little crazy and your body will go through a temper tantrum because while you were satisfied for a few moments, your body starts to shut down very rapidly making you want to sleep for example. 

Besides food like carbs and sugar, there are many things that bring us down in general like current world events, passing of loved ones, a bad work day, guilt, medications and anxiety. Sometimes, these low frequencies can be very unavoidable because hey, we are human. However because we are human, we hold power. Power over our mood and our bodies. 

How do we heighten our frequency?

Let's go back to food (because why not, it's the one thing all cultures celebrate) (also, yum!). Think about when you have a great big bowl of fresh fruit, and when you have healthy fats and whole grains-your mood is boosted, correct? Yes! This is called fuel! You feel more awake, alerted and ready to take on the day. Well, food is probably the easiest way to heighten one's frequency. A healthy diet, really is a happy life! 

Again, while we are all human and there are many factors that can lower our moods and frequencies we have the opportunity to change that. It seriously is as simple as a self care routine. Take a bath, eat a good meal, spend time with family and even taking time to wash your face before bed is taking care of yourself. I don't know about you, but taking off my makeup is like taking off a bra. Ahhh! 

Some other ways to raise your frequency is being aware of your emotions. Even being aware when you feel sad gives you that power and reassurance to know that it's a temporary feeling, and that can be very comforting to a lot of people. 

Connect to something higher! I think it's very important to place spirituality into your life. Whatever being spiritual means to YOU, do it. Having something or someone to take weight off of you is important. It's okay to not always be okay, but it's important to seek help, ask for forgiveness, or have a shoulder to rest on. 

Do you ever have a go to when you are feeling down? You should! I bet most of you do. Let's say you just had a very long day at work, and everything seemed to go wrong. What do you do? Read a book? Take a bath? Listen to music? Go to the gym? Call a friend? All of those are great things to boost your energy and frequency levels! Take time for you. Even it's 5 minutes of breathing or reciting affirmations, do it and soak it in. 

You will have beautiful and wonderful days, but then you will have slow and horrible days but how we end it, and how we control it is always up to us. It's okay to not always be in control of every situation, but one thing we have control over all the time is us. 



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