The Herbal Holiday Gift Guide | 2018

for friends or family interested in herbal education, holistic health, self help + more!

an herbalist’s guide with zero waste wrapping in mind

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The holidays have arrived, I’m sharing my favorite gifts to give to my loved ones who are interested in holistic health, the journey of herbalism and self care. Additionally, I’ll show you how to wrap your gifts with the earth in mind. Did you know that 500 tons of wrapping paper goes into our landfills each year? Raise your hand if you’re done taking part in that nonsense. We can send off our gifts in a way that can be reusable, and/or the packing can be the gift itself. Hello cloth!

Happy Holidays, Kayla


the Guide

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Give The Gift of Knowledge

w/ The Herbal Academy of New England

Online Herbalism Courses

learn more below

The best way to partake in a zero waste holiday is by giving the experience of education. If you have someone in your life, or maybe it’s you- who is interested in the career or embodiment of herbalism and holistic living, The Herbal Academy of New England is the place to go. This is where I dove deep into my studies of Clinical Herbalism, but they have courses for everyone + it’s 100% online, and you go at your own pace.

Up to 25% off online courses

The Herbal Academy is starting their Happy Herbal Holidays Sale on December 1st, and you won’t find the courses cheaper than this. Take up to 25% off all online herbalism courses, no coupon necessary. Redeem here.

The best part about most of their course options is that you can start the course whenever you want, so there’s never any pressure. Additionally, they allow payment options on almost all of their courses so you can financially adjust your budget to fit your personal needs.

Course breakdowns


Reach Your Herbal Goals with path Packages as low as $99/month!

  • Path Packages are designed to help you meet your goals as an herbalist. Whether you want to use herbs to care for your family, your community, or clients to create a thriving herbal business, Path Packages can help you along the way. The packages have a varying arrange of their individual courses into one payment, at a cheaper rate (recommended). Visit the button below to explore short courses + individual courses as well.


Family Herbalist Path Package (Regularly $590 — On Sale for $499, just $99/month)

The Family Herbalist Package will educate you about everyday health concerns and help you to gain the knowledge and confidence to support the wellness of you, your family, and even your community! This is great for any parent who wishes to take their herbal journey personally, instead of taking it to the masses. This package consists of the Introductory and intermediate courses.

Learn more about this course here.

Entrepreneur Herbalist Path Package (Regularly $1185 — On Sale for $999, just $199/month)

This package will help you gain a solid foundation in herbalism as well as a thorough understanding of what is needed to get an herbal business started as well as laws and regulations surrounding the handling, labeling, and selling of herbal products. This is perfect for anyone wanting to create, market and sell. This package consists of the Introductory, intermediate and ENTREPRENEURIAL courses.

Learn more about this course here.

Professional Herbalist Path Package (Regularly $1890 — On Sale for $1599, just $339.95/month)

Skip the introductory information and move you right into learning about anatomy and physiology, formulation, dosage, and herbs for body systems—all the way up to client assessment, intake procedures, the philosophy of healing, and the legal considerations for a practicing herbalist. This package consists of the intermediate and ADVANCED courses.

Learn more about this course here.

Clinical Herbalist Path Package (Regularly $2,085 — On Sale for $1,849, just $399.95/month.)

The most comprehensive training package! This path will take you from start to finish, beginning with a solid herbal foundation, study of the anatomy and physiology of body systems and supportive herbal therapeutics, and working your way up to client assessment and intake procedures. It will lay the foundation for the hands-on clinical training. This package consists of the introductory, intermediate, and ADVANCED courses.

Learn more about this course here.

Online Herbalism Courses for all levels
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Give The Gift Of Tools

Everything an herbalist needs to formulate, store and use for all of their creations + extra self care essentials.

favorite products for your fellow or inner herbalist

  Materia Medica Journal

Materia Medica Journal

  Foraging Scissors

Foraging Scissors



  Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Zero Waste Wrapping

Did you know that 500 tons of wrapping paper goes into our landfills each year? I’m making it a point this year to step up my wrapping game this holiday so I am not compromising our planet.

Items you can use to wrap this year:

Old paper grocery bags

Recycled paper


Scrap fabric

Mens button down

A bag that’s part of the gift

Old scarf

Pretty dish cloth


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