Healthy Skin with a Jade Roller

Beauty products are my favorite! I love dolling my face up in makeup, and feeling great about myself. I think it's fun, artistic, and if you catch me at the right time, it's actually relaxing. However, I feel like a beautiful face of makeup should start with healthy glowing skin. Look, I'm not perfect. I have breakouts, redness and dry patches but I try to stick with a daily routine to keep my skin at its best and to help improve any impurities. 

We can spend hundreds on skin care all we want and keep re-purchasing, but let's spend less than $30 on a skin tool! It will last you a lifetime, and it's been around for hundreds of years. I'm talking about a Jade Roller! Jade Rollers are a hand held tool that you roll on your face twice a day to improve your blood flow, decrease puffiness, stimulate collagen growth, ease tension headaches and improve lymphatic drainage. 

Jade gemstones are naturally cooling, but I like to throw mine in the freezer for whenever I need it next. Waking up in the morning and rolling it on my face gives me the instant wake up that I need, and it will give me the same, but opposite feeling right before bed when all of my makeup is off for the day. You can really tell a difference in your face in the morning if you wake up naturally puffy or red. 

When you use the Jade Roller, be sure to always roll up your face. This is true for any skin care items like serums or lotions. 

Be sure to give your skin some bounce and purchase a Jade Roller. Then, thank me later.

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