Having A Relationship With Our Moon

The connection between a human being and the energetic manifestations of the moon ☾ is one of the most beautiful chemical relationships in the world.

I believe that intuition is found in all living beings but how the gift is used, will be measured in different patterns through us all. I like to think of myself as a very attuned individual and I always have been. Not only as a woman, but as a Piscean. I've been able to connect my soul to every object and feel the energies it holds onto. I've been able to manifest my dreams into reality and predictions, and I've been able to completely feel a person's emotion as soon as they walk into a room. Perhaps you have experienced similar, or perhaps you have been completely closed off from your own power. I promise you that everyone has the ability to completely see outside of themselves and embrace that inner magical goddess and completely run with it and take it to the moon ☾.

It's completely logical

If the moon ☾ is in charge of the tides on earth, and has the capability to completely shift the rhythm of the sea, is it really so crazy to say that the moon ☾ has influence on human emotion? For me the easy answer is no, doesn't seem crazy at all. It actually sounds completely logical! However, for some, the response is, huh?! 

The human body is made up of roughly 70% water, which has sparked interesting conversations with many doctors and scientists due to the pull of tides the moon ☾ has alone on our earth. Dr Christian Cajochen, at the University of Basel in Switzerland conducted a study between a humans sleep patterns and the phases of the moon ☾, and really took notice in the dire lack of sleep during fuller phases of the moon ☾. With many studies, thoughts, facts and hyptheses around the connection between a human being and the divine luna, it should never be out of question as to why this relationship is so important. 

Does the answer lie between gravity, energy, the moon and water?

Moon Phase.jpg

intuitive intentions

Because there is scientific research to back the emotions one has with the phases of the lunar cycle and the proven shift it has with our vast seas, a lot of us find solace in emotional relationships with the moon ☾, including myself. Every single month the moon ☾ will flow through different phases of her cycle, just as a woman does with its body, and in return the phase will bring forth different energies. 

New Moon- Brings hope and new beginnings. Time to gather your thoughts and begin to plan.

Waxing Crescent Moon- Forward action and possibilities. Time to put the pedal to the metal.

First Quarter Moon- Obstacles and roadblocks tend to be faced. Time to adjust and find a new route to overcome.

Waxing Gibbous Moon- Refine and hone. Momentum is continuing to build, and your hopes are aligned.

Full Moon- Harvest endeavors. Time to set your intentions now that the path is clear to where you wish to go.

Waning Gibbous Moon- Introspect falls into play. Your gratitude towards life has been heightened as you fight through.

Third Quarter Moon- Binding and harm. Now you will want to take a step back and release what isn't serving you.

Waning Crescent Moon- Surrender. You can feel it but you feel empty. Time to simply be in your body and relax.

New Moon- Brings hope and new beginnings. Time to gather your thoughts and begin to plan.

.. as you can tell, it's a cycle we have become familiar with. We start with a plan, any plan that we may have and when we have that plan we start to gather tools and the necessities needed to accomplish it. Once we have the tools we believe we need, we start to put everything into action and momentum starts to build. Now that our plan has it's base, we need to fuel it with fire, so we set intentions for the weeks to come and either build or release what is no longer serving us. We then start feeling empowered and humbled by our capabilities, but then we hit the road blocks that seem to keep us from where we want to be. So then, we have to rethink the process and surrender to the emotions and facts of us only being human, and sometimes we need to seek help. That help comes with the new moon ☾ again as we start to have a new begining to get back to where we want to be and suddenly we have hope.

I challenge you to remember and embrace your emotions, but then to also take a peek outside and check in with the moon ☾ and find comfort in her ability to guide you through everything.

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the woman bleeds with the moon

I'm a believer that every woman naturally bleeds with the phase of the moon ☾ that is necessary to her. We are naturally lunar beings. It's no coincidence that the length of our menstrual cycles are synced up with the waxing and waning of the moon , occurring around every 28 days. Each phase of the moon ☾ holds a powerful manifestation that is useful in every aspect of our lives. This aspect of the menstruation has to do with the physical body, rather than the mental.

Moon Cycle Tincture.jpg

Even though my body has naturally bled during the times she felt necessary for most of my life, I have not had much desire to sync specifically to a certain phase of the moon ☾ until I went through “amenorrhea”, or “lack of a period”.

Until I reached that point, I wanted to honor whichever phase that was present within me. When I reached the amenorrhea stage, I was going without a period for 3-5 months at a time, and without the monthly cleanse I was feeling depleted and unlike myself. PCOS, depression and digestive malfunction are some of the most common ways a woman's body can go through hormonal imbalances. 

I have been able to engage my flow through herbal and mindful remedies. One day, when I had enough, I sat down and studied an intensive list of herbs that helped regulate and promote menstruation, and in the end I chose 7 lucky herbs that I felt would work well together in a tincture. When making tincture blends, or other herbal blends, it’s important to have 3 constituent categories for your mixture, which means how much of each herb-in terms of priority. You will want herbs in order from Action, Nourishment and Stimulation. For this particular tincture I chose Mullein Leaf and Ashwagandha Powder to be my primary action herbs. Both of these herbs are full focus in hormonal balance which my body lacks. Then, I chose Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals and Raspberry Leaf to be my nourishing herbs. This means that these herbs are a great compliment to regulation within my cycle. Lastly, I chose Vitex Berries and Fennel to be my stimulating herbs. This means that even though these herbs were used in less quantity, they stimulate the promotion of blood- to get fancy these herbs are considered emmenagogues (promote bleeding) (see?). 

When I created my tincture I would take a dropper full twice a day for 2 months, held a healthy meditation practice every single day and took a lot of necessary steps to cleanse my digestive system. It wasn't long after that I finally had a period and maintained a healthy and vibrant flow. Now by body is synced with the lucky phase that is the new moon ☾, as it's a fresh slate, and once again.. it brought hope. 

So dear one, don't think that you have to bleed with any specific phase, because the moon ☾ is there for us when we need her, and sometimes our physical body stays in a stage to only tell us something urgent. Each phase is divine and only holds truth. What would that truth be for you? 

Full Moon Intentions Worksheet

I have created a beautiful template that you are able to download and print out to write down your full moon ☾ intentions. It's such a beautiful canvas that you will want to keep all that you write and reflect back on them when it feels necessary. 

Share with me your intentions every single month when using this worksheet and tag me on instagram, or use #SagedFibers in your photo.

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