Building Ojas: Through A Tonic

Through Ayurveda, and especially Ayurvedic Herbalism there are 3 core energies, or cosmic forces that relate to body, food and herbs. If you have ever heard an herbalist talk about herbal energetics, there are some things that come to mind. One being the correlation of how an herb reacts or stands on its own. For example, an herb can be considered “dry, warm, moist or cool”. However, because energetics exist on a continuum, the constitution of an individual (or a person’s state of being) can be variable depending on the time of year, diet, disease and more. Herbalists use this language of energetics to navigate through the spectrum of body types, conditions and herbal qualities. In short, just as a person like you and myself, we have a constitution- the same holds true for an herb.


Herbal Energetics

Just as described above, herbal energies refer to subtle shifts, often in temperature or moisture. Herbs can react on a physical level, on a mental level and a spiritual level. Knowing herbal energetics allows us to know what proper herbs to use, like when making a tea, so we can properly support an ailment. For example if we are running cold, perhaps using an herb that has an energetic of warmth, will be able to give us that boost of heat we are needing. Typically herbalists work with the idea that “opposites attract”, which holds true in the last statement about balancing cool with warm.

3 Cosmic Energies

Based on the Ayurvedic model, there are 3 forces that correlate with each dosha. We know that there are 3 doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha), and with each dosha there is a subtler form that represents each one. When referencing to a “subtle form” it means how it affects you on a spiritual and heightened plane. The 3 cosmic energies are called Prana, Tejas and Ojas. Prana relates to the Vata dosha, Tejas is related to the Pitta dosha, and Ojas is connected to the Kapha dosha. In this article we are going to dive deeper into the energy that is Ojas, and how to build your Ojas energy through the practice of tea, or tonic.

Ojas, The Luster of Living

Other than Ojas being related to the Kapha dosha, what is it exactly? Ojas is expressed as vitality, endurance, fertility and patience- all of which are grounded qualities of Kapha. Ojas is the subtle essence related to health and well-being. It makes you peaceful and patient- all of which we could all use more of. Building Ojas can be a multifaceted approach, and can mostly be achieved through expressive workings of balancing your Kapha dosha.

A person who radiates with Ojas seems to have that “subtle glow” from within. Having a balanced and loving relationship with your Ojas energy means you’re paying attention to your health, vitality, immunity and overall well-being. It results from proper digestion and forms your bodily tissues, organs, skin and cells. So really, Ojas is freaking LIFE!

Low Ojas

  • Emotional Eating

  • Unaddressed Trauma

  • Overworked w/ High Stress

  • Prone To Injury

  • Lacks In Sleep

  • Slow Digestion

  • Lives In A State Of Worry

  • Depressed w/ High Anxiety

High Ojas

  • Glowing Skin

  • Peaceful Energy

  • Tolerance To Stress

  • Strong Immune Defense

  • Heart Centered

  • Easy Connection

  • Abundant Patience

  • Warming Radiance

Ojas Building Tonic

To return your body to radiance the first thing you will want to look at is your digestive system. In return to kick you off on the right foot I want to share with you one of my favorite Ojas building tonics that I take to really warm up my digestive system. A few sips of this and I already feel incredibly poured with love- almost as if the sun himself was giving me a hug.


  • 1 c Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk

  • 1/2 tsp Organic Cardamom

  • 1 Organic Clove Bud

  • 1/2 tsp Ground Organic Cinnamon

  • 1 tbsp Organic Rose Buds

  • Organic Local Honey (optional)

  • 1/2 tsp Organic Ground Shatavari (optional)


  • Warm almond milk and all herbs, including the optional shatavari on the stove on low heat until it comes to a gentle simmer, do not bring to a boil. I allow it to sit on the lowest setting for 10 minutes to really allow the herbs to infuse.

  • Take pot off of the heat and grab a mesh strainer. Begin to pour your milk contents over the strainer, and into the blender. This catches the bulky rose petals.

  • Bring to a blend for 10-20 seconds to emulsify and to get the milk to a froth like state. Then pour to a mug, add honey and voila!

Mmm, yummy! This simple, delicious and most importantly Ojas building tonic will have you radiating in no time! However, just as a sweet reminder to you, don’t forget that building Ojas is an approach that brings together nature, meditation, food and creation. Release everything that is not serving you, let go of attachments and deadlines and be in the present moment.

Ojas Building Tonic | Saged Fibers
Ojas Building Tonic | Saged Fibers
Ojas Building Tonic | Saged Fibers