Owning Your Intuition

Owning who you are can be a difficult thought process to wrap your mind around, especially if you have grown up with many self doubts, like myself. A question that kept coming up in my life was “is this my intuition, or is this my ego?”, and the answer to that statement alone is- ego. With intuition, it’s not to be thought about, it’s to be felt.

As humans we live in a very physical world. We must see to believe. Everything in our world has to be tangible and able to hold, or if modern science is not yet advanced to be able to comprehend worldly phenomena suddenly it’s as if we automatically discredit texts that have been written for millenia. Our ancestors are our real teachers and guides. What did they have to lose by teaching us such valuable technique?


Ego vs Intuitive Mind

First, what is ego? Ego is our self-importance. It’s the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. It’s the mind of our being that allows us to quite literally put us first. So often the ego gets shed in a negative light, but in reality, without our ego we are not able to have the sense of us and our needs. When the ego is out of balance or not in sync with reality it becomes heated with fire and then ourselves are put in front of others in a way that puts them in harm. Stripping of the ego takes years, and even the most heightened healers are still stripping ego from childhood.

Then, what is intuition? Intuition is is having the ability to understand without any direct reasoning process, but the process of being an intuitive person can be trial and error. As a person who does her best to practice intuitive medicine on a holistic and spiritual level, it’s a process that has been the most eye opening and struggle-some practice because stripping ego is so vastly layered from my twenty odd years of living. My brain has been tailored to think, feel, touch, love and learn in such a specific way (like most of us) that it’s taken a lot to just LISTEN. We are often told to “listen to our body”, but can find it hard to do unless practiced daily. It’s relearning who you really are, but also acknowledging the person who you have always been- an intuitive individual.

Unbalanced Ego Mind: Chatter, fear, questioning, cold, stagnation.

The ego mind tells you that this is for you, not for them. The intuitive mind tells you this was made for you, not given to you.
— Kayla Spencer, Saged Fibers

Feeling Your Intuition

If you have gone your whole life not listening to your intuition, not knowing when your intuition is present or how to decipher from ego and intuition, it can seem challenging. What I want everyone to know is that every single being on this planet holds intuitive power. It’s not something only given to the witches, and it’s not something you finally get with age. Intuition is to only be felt, not questioned.

How will you know when you are sensing intuitive messages?

  • Teach yourself mindful sensations. Getting to know your body and it’s messages is the utmost of importance when it comes to understanding what is ego, and what is intuition.

  • Intuitive messaging can feel like tingling sensations through your body. You may be able to sense brightness and flow through the air. Inutive touches can seemingly be physical. Are you seeing light? Take notice of these actions, and once you’re able to notice those “YES” moments, feel the sensations that come up. That is when you are feeling the intuitive powers.

  • Call your guides! Ask the questions, call them in. Ask them their names, understand why they are here and why they are around you. Prepare for warnings, and prepare for situations where you must be wary. Your intuition can mean that you must be alert and aware to protect your body or energy.

  • Study others. Often times body language, eye contact, and their energies will tell you more truth than what they are trying to manifest in front of you. You’ll see beyond.

  • Pay attention. Take notice of recurring events such as number patterns, dreams, words and colors.

  • Know the voice of the intuitive mind is soft. She graces you in silk and will never make you feel at discomfort, even if the guides are giving you sense of warning, the warmings come as hugs.

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