Salt Lamps

Creating sacred space everywhere I am is probably one of my favorite pass times. If I have a space that I claim as mine, I will most likely do everything in my power to make it a space where I feel at peace.

I find that this has been a really important step in my self care journey. When I enter different spaces of my life I want to be able to breathe easy and feel comfortable.

Creating a scared space is different for each individual and should only be tailored to what makes YOU feel good. For me it's the candles, the aromatherapy with oils, it's crystals in every room- even my car, and it's the salt lamp in my living room that sets not only the mood for the evening, but makes me literally go "Ahh" after a long day at work or a few hours at the gym. 

I will say, that when I purchased my very first Salt Lamp, it not only made me want to continue to create beautiful spaces around me but it overall improves my mood when it's on, and I feel as if when she's glistening that pretty pinky orange, that she is almost breathing for me. She's absolutely wonderful to stare at and have in my home. 

You can purchase Salt Lamps at a crystal store, or online but you should be careful on who the creator is and to be sure it's absolutely authentic or you will not be able to feel the benefits.

Himalayan Salt is what makes up the chunky lamp. This salt is the cleanest salt on the planet and it contains all of the elements found in our own bodies. So insane! It originates from a time when earth was pristine and without any man made environmental impacts. Oh, you can cook with it too!

The lamp when warm will release what science calls "negative ions". Trust me, there is no negativity here despite the name. The ion cycle is very simple, and it reminds me a lot of our water cycle. 

Evaporation creates ions. Salt attracts water heated by the salt lamp and creates the negative ions. You can find negative ions anywhere in nature that has water, heat or air. Examples are waterfalls, the ocean, lakes, the sun, clouds and rainwater. Did you know that ions are even emitted by technology? Yeah, that device you are using right now-ions! Technology however releases what is known as positive ions. Maybe..not so positive. Science, why are you confusing us?! 

Since salt lamps release negative ions, it will attract to the positive ions around you such as the devices that I mentioned and act as a purifier. Many crystals have this effect too. 

Negative Ions released by Salt Lamps can do the following for us:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Improve our mood
  • Improve our sleep patterns
  • Improve our abilities to breathe efficiently 
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost serotonin levels
  • Increases our energy
  • Reduce mild asthma symptoms

As you can now tell, Salt Lamps are a must have for your home. No matter what your sacred space vibes are, the negative ions can overall improve our wellbeing and that should always be a primary focus in our lives. Healthy you, healthy life. 

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