Sound Bath w/ Crown of Eternity

This past Saturday I was able to attend a sound bath and it was completely magical! I haven't been able to express my feelings about it clearly until now. I was really excited for the experience since the day I signed up to be apart of it. What is a sound bath? I can mostly describe a sound bath as an amazing melodic massage. 

I met up with a friend to attend, and we decided to get over to the event space a little early to grab some organic/raw cold pressed juice before hand, and to lay down our mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets. No, this was not a sleepover, but I wouldn't have been mad if it was. We wanted a really great spot that night-and we got it! 

The amazing couple who created the beautiful vibrational journey goes by Crown of Eternity. The event was being held at the Yoga on High, Teacher Training Institute in Columbus, Ohio. The room where this was being taken place at was a very decent size, but there were just over 60 attendees that night. Safe to say we were cuddling our neighbor, but I didn't mind so much. 

The night began with beautiful chants and meditation. The sound of people in one room, coming together in perfect harmony is something that absolutely needs to be experienced at least once in your life time. I am a cry baby, it might have brought a tear or two to my eye to hear everyone chanting along with their hands over their heart. The night was extremely spiritual. After the mantra's we were all able to lay back and get comfortable. This meant a lot of different things for different people. I remember seeing one older man who brought his lounge chair and he soaked up all the sounds in that. The rest of us were on our yoga mats wrapped up in different ways. For me, it was on my back with my head laying on my meditation pillow, my knees bent over a bolster, and my whole body submerged under a blanket. The experience was special to each individual, and you could tell how each person wanted to take in the night. I saw one woman with the blanket completely over her face for maximum seclusion and darkness, and I saw one man completely laying on his side holding onto his necklace. We were ready.

The first sound after we sang together and laid down was the slightest chime off of the gong set up. It was the most perfect faint chime that really told your body "Okay, let's relax now", and that's exactly what I did. I took a very deep breath and exhaled slowly. 

The different sounds, rhythms and frequencies made my mind go into a space where I felt as if I could touch the sound and make out textures. Like a textile you could say. There were some sounds that felt very silky, or smooth but complex or even pleated. I just felt my hands running through the sounds like fabric and that was absolutely thrilling. Now, I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn't have anxiety at the first few moments of the gongs leading up to it's climax. The sounds reminded me almost of the wings of a whirring helicopter or a jet plane. Trust me, it was extremely beautiful and comforting, but I still had a part of me that felt anxious because they were sounds that I was not used to. In this moment I had to tell my mind and body that I was in a very safe space. Honestly, you know what helped the comfort? The breakup of the gong sounds from someones sneeze, sniffle or body shift. After I was able to completely let go, more textures and colors started to appear in my head and I absolutely let my soul free. 

When the gongs started to silence, the couple holding the experience let us wiggle our toes and fingers and begin to sit up into another chant and meditation. We did a few, again with the whole room in harmony and it was absolutely the best thing my ears ever heard. 

Getting up and packing up was foggy. I was rightfully so, very sleepy! People around me would ask how it was and I was just saying "Good, good" but it was so much more than that. I just needed to go home, sleep and comprehend what I just experienced. I can not wait to do this again. I will do it again, and next time-I will have a full belly. That is probably my only advice. With the vibrations and rhythms, it most definitely gives your body a massive massage as you are laying on the floor, and sometimes my stomach was growling. Hey, I'm human! 

If you ever have a chance to experience this please take full advantage of it. Take a friend, or go by yourself. Just be present with everything that is going on. Heal.