Zero Waste Spring Cleaning

It’s officially the first day of Spring, and the start of Aries season, hello fire! Oh before I forget, it’s also a full moon! What a super impactful time of the year where we can set intention into so many different aspects of our lives. This season I am setting intention into my home cleaning products. Before you “huh?”, ask yourself.. have you ever thanked or sent gratitude into all of the things that keep your home a well oiled machine? Afterall, your home is the bones of everything. It’s the bones of your love, our sleep, our laughter and our play. Our home is where memories collect and dance parties happen in secret while you’re in your underwear sliding across the hardwood floors. Our homes are everything to us, so what can we do to keep it healthy all while keeping the environment in mind? By creating our very own citrus surface cleaner and by pouring it with the utmost love and support.

Zero Waste Natural Surface Cleaner

natural Surface Cleaner

There are only two ingredients that you need in order to make your very own impactful, all natural and zero waste surface cleaner. Yep, really. Just two. Besides a glass jar, you’ll need:

  1. Orange Peels (or other citrus casings)

  2. Vinegar

.. yep, nothing more and nothing less! However, feel free to play around with your cleaners by switching out orange for lemon, or even adding in some of your favorite herbs such as lavender, lemon balm or rosemary!

Now what?

Allow your surface cleaner to sit next to a sunny window, hold it every now and again to thank it for everything it’s about to give you and your home, and within a week or two of infusing, you’ll have your very own zero waste surface cleaner for you and your family.

Go the extra mile

If you want to go the extra mile this season as you start wiping down all of your surfaces, choose to clean with reusable cloth towels that you can simply toss into your washing machine instead of opting for paper towel products! Listen, I’m not always perfect. The journey to being completely zero waste and sustainable isn’t a quick task, but it should never be overwhelming. Choose one area of your home that you can start swapping out for zero waste items. Perhaps you could start with your deodorant, your razer, or maybe your lunch box! Or, start here this spring with an all natural cleaning solution brought to you proudly by mother earth herself.