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The Weight Of The Womb

Children have the ability to scream when they want to scream, kiss when they want to kiss, and sleep when they want to sleep. Children are our teachers. They’re the most connected beings we have the pleasure of watching, because they are so deeply rooted to their bodies. They know what they want and need at every second of the day, and even if nothing’s seemingly wrong, they’ll know it’s time to kick and scream to release the energy built within them. What a magical place to be within side of your self, to just know what you need.

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Managing Our Stress Holistically

Being stressed out is an unfortunate part of being human, and it really can be unavoidable. However, because we are magnificent human beings, we have the power and ability to shift our focuses away from the stress, and learn how to take everything a little slower, and take care of our mental, physical & spiritual health. There is no one specific reason a person may be stressed out, and there is no one way to fix or even manage a person's stress and that should be important moving forward.

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