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15 Minutes: All You Need For A Mindful Morning

We all have different needs, our priorities look a little different, some of us don't have weekends off, and sometimes our schedules are all over the place. Since we are all magically different not only with our schedules, but also with our bodies, it would be hard for me to list exact steps you should take the moment you awake to make your morning as mindful as possible, because again, we're all different.

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Understanding Our Health By Looking At Our Tongue

Our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria from poor oral hygiene and undigested food that sits on the tongue after a meal. This is considered ama, or toxins. Most of us pay zero attention to our tongues, because why would you want to look at a slimy muscle right? The truth is, that muscle holds wisdom to our health, especially our digestive health. When we brush our teeth we don't pay any attention to our tongues or when we do, we simply brush over it with the bristles of our toothbrush and we think that we did our part in keeping our oral hygiene on track. Unfortunately, that is not enough.

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