Building Your Trust Muscle Through Tea Meditation

When I was introduced to tea meditation it was in 2016 and I was fascinated by the practice because it combined my two favorite things: 1) tea 2) meditation. More so, I enjoyed the act of just being able to take time for myself and appreciate the herb(s) I was consuming. As time passed the practice shifted as I grew more into myself and the enjoyment of plant study increased into my Herbalism journey, especially when I actively enrolled myself into Herbalism school back in 2017. My journey through Herbalism alone has been a constant shift, because well, I too have shifted in more ways than one. Today, my focus with Herbalism and plant therapy has guided me towards energetic healing, addressing human trauma and connecting our intuition into everything that we do. With that said, I’ve noticed a pattern with a lot of people that I come into contact with and we have the conversation of “what is intuition”, and that is: “how do I know when I’m using it”. That’s how my tea meditation practice truly transformed itself into a trust muscle builder. It became the source of me finally understanding when my intuition is at play.

Your Trust Muscle

Tea Meditation, Saged Fibers

First, what is a trust muscle? It’s something we all have, but as with all muscles in our body, in order to see it, feel it and to strengthen it, we have to work on building it’s strength through exercise. Trust me, if you have known me for awhile then you know I have had quite a run in with “muscle building”, which you can read more about in my about me. Your trust muscle is simply the “hunch” or “feeling” you get when you can sense something so incredibly deep within your body that it either feels like a “yes” or it feels like a “no”- and this is important when the answer isn’t going to be known unless experienced, or in this case, trusted by our intuition.

When our intuition comes into play, we are trusting the part of ourselves that isn’t physically tangible. Kind of like that moment you decided to go left instead of right like you usually do, and then later you find out that there was major traffic on your normal route and you were able to let source guide you.

Source is the muscle.

Or- it’s the hunch, the ping, the sense.. whatever you want to call it!

How Do We Build Our Trust Muscle?

There’s a bunch of different ways that we can connect to this source of knowing, but sometimes when our intuition actually comes into play, we often get stunned by the outcome, so we relate it to a “coincidence”, or we play it off like nothing. I am here to tell you that it was not nothing, it was everything!

You. Reading this. You have intuition.

Lots of it.

I know that for you though it may feel like you don’t have an ounce of it, or maybe you just don’t believe in it (though you made it here, so I assume you do). Intuition isn’t just used by witches, medicine people, tarot readers and psychics. Intuition lives inside of you and always has. It’s completely accessible to everyone but it may not be easy. The reason why accessing your intuition may not be as easy as a slice of a pie is because you (we) have gone through such immense programming where wishing, hoping, and dreaming was not how the world worked. We were told that we must be logical, get your head out of the clouds, think about the bad things, be prepared to fail and if you can’t see it then don’t believe it. How young were you when these words were first expressed to you? 5? A lot of this is expressed to us at a very very young age and only gets worse as we enter adulthood, ultimately leaving us on a very linear path and thinking pattern.

To begin building on your trust muscle you have to first recognize and appreciate where that programming first rooted, and allow yourself to step beyond what was taught to you and accept new ways of thinking and trusting yourself. Because ultimately, you are trusting. Trusting your intuition that is! Which lies within your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that has been shut off by programming.

I created a way to help you build your trust muscle, and it’s my very own tea meditation. My tea meditation is rooted in messaging by allowing herbs and your intuition to tell you more about a specific plant. Then, once you have your intuitive plant monograph created through your meditation, you will then be able to compare your notes to established plant monographs. Your findings will take your breath away. You’ll realize that you were able to use your senses, intuitive knowing and the messages from plants to lead you to the scientific embodiment of the plant before you even study it. By comparing your notes and creating an intuitive monograph by the act of channeling, you are building your trust muscle. The more plants that you can sit with, channel, and compare your notes with, will put trust into your abilities as an intuitive human.

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