The Weight Of The Womb


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize just how critical it is for us to go back to our child-like state as much as we possibly can. Children are free. They’re embraced when they cry, their knees are dusted when they fall, they’re always there to be caught, and their mistakes are only seen as lessons. When you enter adulthood, you’re chained. You’re no longer allowed to cry, you’ll be forced to dust off your own knees, no one will be there when you get caught, and your mistakes are only seen as mistakes.

Children have the ability to scream when they want to scream, kiss when they want to kiss, and sleep when they want to sleep. Children are our teachers. They’re the most connected beings we have the pleasure of watching, because they are so deeply rooted to their bodies. They know what they want and need at every second of the day, and even if nothing’s seemingly wrong, they’ll know it’s time to kick and scream to release the energy built within them. What a magical place to be within side of your self, to just know what you need.

I’ve spent many minutes of my life lying down is savasana wrapped in blankets. The yoga teacher would come around asking me if I needed a blanket, or maybe two or three, and with a gentle nod back to them they would wrap me up as much as deemed necessary. That feeling of being completely embraced by weight and that nothing could ever harm me ever again reminded me of one thing, the mother’s womb. As much as we could say we don’t remember what it was like before the age of 3 years old, you remember more than you give yourself credit for. Connecting with our inner child is a practice we should ritualize daily. It doesn’t mean that we have to be fed warm milk, or be rocked in a chair, but it just means that we need to find our way back to the womb symbolically.

Recently Caleb and I have been researching into something called a “gravity blanket”, or a “weighted blanket”, and how it’s a huge aid for natural relief to our anxiety. Weighted blankets are to cater to 10% of your own body weight, and the huge weight on your body completely relaxes your nervous system, resembling a hug, or even the womb. It’s like a prescription for your anxiety, without a prescription. The weight increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels, ultimately sending you to a complete state of relaxation. When I bought one for us, it’s been game changing. It’s been everything and more. We sleep with it together almost daily, but it’s also something special when you’re meditating alone wrapped up in a shell of no worries, just bliss. This is a way for me to find my childhood, and I believe it should be in every home, and around every body. I challenge you to find your inner child, that little you.

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