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Zero Waste Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially arrived on the day of the Full Moon, and this season I am celebrating with zero waste Spring cleaning! This is the time of year where everyone whips out their endless supply of plastic bottles filled with incredibly harmful chemicals, and I’m just not here for it! I will show you how to make your very own surface cleaner using only two ingredients!

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Building Ojas: Through A Tonic

Ojas is expressed as vitality, endurance, fertility and patience- all of which are grounded qualities of Kapha. Ojas is the subtle essene related to health and well-being. It makes you peaceful and patient- all of which we could all use more of. Building Ojas can be a multifaceted approach, and can mostly be achieved through expressive workings of balancing your Kapha dosha.

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Herbal Support: Tinctures

Herbal tinctures are one of, if not the mother of all ways to receive a long-lasting and effective gift from a plant. A tincture is a type of preparation that goes beyond using solvents like water, honey or oil. Instead, tinctures are created with alcohol, glycerin or apple cider vinegar and is prepared for the purpose of ingesting and is mostly targeted as a herbal medicine. 

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