3- Day Cleanse


Reset To Digest

Kitchari is an Ayurvedic dish that is used as a digestive cleanse and is performed for a few days during the start of a new season. Our bodies are introduced to stressors, pollution, processed foods and an abundance of emotions on a daily basis and we are quite literally trying to digest it all. Over time our bodies will start working too hard and inefficiently causing an abundance of digestive issues, breakouts, lethargy and more. Already at that point?

After the cleanse you will feel refreshed, you will have given your body time to slow down and reset, your skin will get it's glow back, you will have more energy and your digestive system will be working for you, and not against you.

Our health begins with the state of our digestion, so if you want to start your health off on the right foot, join me and many others for a 3 day enlightening cleanse.

What is kitchari, and why it will impact your digestive health

Kitchari when prepared is resembled as a fulfilling stew, but the consistency can vary from chef to chef. See how I did not say a green juice spiced with cayenne? That's because Kitchari is a full meal packed with many great whole ingredients that are extremely easy to digest, that is why it's a digestive reset button. With mindful practices, self care and by eliminating the junk that our bodies are used to during this cleanse, our gut will feel refreshed, alive and will work more efficiently for the days after the cleanse commences. 

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What this cleanse isn't..

unpleasing juices & smoothies


a wallet buster

hard to make

time consuming

a dieting regimen

This cleanse is for you if.. 

You suffer from extreme bloating

uncomforatable Constipation


You're exposed to ENVIRONMENTAL stressors

suffer from skin irritants

If you want to enhance your wellness


what to expect from me & yourself

This cleanse is 100% free to do with me, but you are expected to allow yourself optimal time & patience, as well as a little bit of your own cash to gather your simple ingredients.

You can expect occasional emails starting the day you sign up.

You can expect optional + personal writing prompts and mindful exercises before, during and after the cleanse. Mindful practices and intentions are important to allow our mind, body and soul to freely open and allow positive change.

You can also expect to be asked to share your experiences on your social media so it gives you an outlet to express the ups and downs and also inspire others to do this cleanse in the future with me. The more who join, the better we all become.

I will also recommend incorporating herbs and tisane during the cleanse, and I may ask you to purchase some products to help support you during this cleanse like a Tongue Scraper. However, these are all optional but are highly recommended. 


Are you going to say yes to your gut health?

Want to jumpstart ahead? Download these infographics + worksheets!

  Kitchari Ingredient List

Kitchari Ingredient List

  Kitchari Recipe Instructions

Kitchari Recipe Instructions

  CCF Ayurvedic Tisane Recipe

CCF Ayurvedic Tisane Recipe

  Simple Oats Kitchari Recipe

Simple Oats Kitchari Recipe

  Kitchari Cleanse: Day One, Worksheet

Kitchari Cleanse: Day One, Worksheet

  Kitchari Cleanse: Day Two, Worksheet

Kitchari Cleanse: Day Two, Worksheet

  Kitchari Cleanse: Day Three, Worksheet

Kitchari Cleanse: Day Three, Worksheet