Clinical, 1:1

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Seeking Surface

$199, 2 hour initiation + herbal ally

Approaching herbalism at the surface is the way we all start, but no matter where you are, I’ll meet you there. Together we will explore your Self-Summary (bodily and cosmic constitution), and how your current lifestyle practices play a part in different areas of your life physically and emotionally. At the end you will have a full outline of you are, the most unique star in the sky.

Seeking Depth

$299, 2 hour initiation + 5 follow ups

Working with our oldest earth system requires groundwork. Discover your Self-Summary (bodily and cosmic constitution), and take away with different protocols throughout the first 6 weeks.

Seeking Ritual

$30, per follow up session *optional: herbal ally $25

Herbalism is a lifetime practice and should be honored as such. Creating a ritualistic pattern with your herbal protocols will allow you and plants to connect on a much deeper level, that of a friendship. Continue your herbalism practice once you have your Self-Summary and let’s work together on building an everlasting foundation.