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When I think of health, I think about how much I hate that word- but I suppose I have to use it from time to time. What does it actually mean though? I've found that health means solace with our being, and every essence of our nature. 

For someone as myself who has struggled with her weight and her outward vision of who she is I feel kind of like an expert at this whole "what is healthy" question, but trust me, I didn't have the answers to that question for years. 

Over the years I've learned how to separate myself from what society labels as "healthy", and what I think that should actually mean for myself and others. When did health mean numbers?  Jean size? Vigorous workouts? Tight skin? Lustrous hair? Eating avocados? Why isn't it mindfulness? All types of skin colors and body sizes?  Self-care? Nourishment? Gentle movements? Eating whatever the hell you want?

Here's the thing. I'm a witch, you're a witch, we're all a little bit more than what society wants us to be. Intuition is everything, and as a woman, that's the strongest power I have and I want to tap into that more often than not. My spirituality is tied to everything, particularly with myself and the want to help others to find ways to nourish themselves in more areas than one. And so to be perfectly honest with you, I owe so much of myself to the earthly wonders around me. I'm talking plants. Specifically, herbs.

I'm not saying that on a typical night I'm whipping out my cauldron and throwing bones, hair, eyeballs and herbs in a mix to cast a spell, but I'm saying that it is on occasion, you know, holidays. Okay no, that's not completely true either. While rituals are important, I have grown more and more intuitive as I’ve allowed myself to expand more into myself and my naturally ancestral ways. As a result, I have a stronger understanding of where I am being pulled at any given moment. It is also through the vulnerability in my decision to share my personal practices and perspective on the world, that I manage to make genuine connections with others and the plants that have given us everything we need from the beginning of time. What I really do on a daily basis is study the practice of herbalism and teach others how it's more than drinking tea, it's about connection and lifestyle practices to become a more heightened individual and how herbs can expel, support and promote different actions within ourselves. This is my version of healthy.

So I'm your herbalist. Your friend who will most likely connect you with a particular plant because you may remind me of nettle. My prickly friend who needs to be handled with care and ease not only from others but yourself. When supplemented with love you soften and suddenly you'll feel nourished, and passionate to bring comfort to those who have the honor to rustle in your leaves. The best of you already lives within, you just have to be more gentle with yourself.

"Everything we need is outside and within us."


Kayla has..

Completed Human Services of Core Body & Knowledge in 21st Century Skills with in depth work of health safety, communications, hair & skin, as well as anatomy and physiology. |2012-2015|
Completed the 6 modules of Introductory Herbalism, 100 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those 6 modules of herbal health she intensively studied herbal preparations, the immune, respiratory and nervous system, the skin, ailments, herbal therapeutics, the holistic model of health, systems of healing and she passed all intensive examinations. |2017|
Completed the 10 modules of Intermediate Herbalism, 200 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those modules of herbal health she intensively studied anatomy, physiology, herbal therapeutics and the completion of passage in clinical examinations. |2018|
Completed the 3 modules of Botany & Wildcrafting, 30 hours: through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those modules of herbal health she intensively studied plant biology and ecology, plant identification, wildcrafting and harvesting, and environmental ethics. |2018|
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