Tea Meditation | Free Guide Book

Tea Meditation | Free Guide Book


The practice of tea meditation is not new, and not an original practice coined by myself. However, my process of a tea meditation is vastly different because I strip it down, keep it incredibly fluid, and I make it so much more than just a mindful sit with a cup of tea. This practice is incredibly intentional, and is suited for those who are wanting to get into relationship with a plant for the very first time, or for the person who wants to connect to a plant they've studied for years, but in a very energetic sense.

I believe that getting to know an herb on it's own spiritual embodiment without being clouded by the books, monographs for pre-conceived ideas, truly allows us to understand the complex constitution of the plant to accompany us into our life whether you are a holistic clinician using herbs in their practice, a community herbalist or just a human wanting to enrich their lives with herbs.

What’s Inside:

  • 9 Page Downloadable PDF

  • A Sensory And Intuitive Framework For Your Tea Meditation Practice

  • 2 Channeling Writing Pages

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