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 The Framework

The Framework is the process of this energetic practice. In this workshop you will be able to understand how to use this work no matter where you go, where you are, and can be used during every emotional corner you wish to dive into. The Framework is the same for all areas of Kayla’s work and is the key process for going through the energetic plant work and how it is able to transform specific energetic placements within us and our life. In this workshop, you will be met with the tools you need to unblock the nadis (channels) to receive the workings of plant therapy. Afterall, this practice does not believe in bypassing the work, and “the work”, is this process Kayla has become passionate about teaching.

It’s more than hoping this plant will support me, it’s about being able to support myself.
— Kayla Spencer, Saged Fibers

Your Accountability

You will have access to this framework for a lifetime, but this process is rooted in timing and allowing yourself to go deep within so that you will be able to physically feel the unblocking of clogged channels that have not been able to receive the energetic frequencies from plants to support us on our journey of being human. To receive the clearest manifestations from the individual workshops, you must first understand how to open up your channels to receive the frequencies from our plant allies.

What’s Inside

  • 30 Days Of Framework

  • Outlined Processes

  • Guided Meditations

  • Journal Prompts

  • Supporting Exercises

  • Community Support

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