Begin Here, A Word From Kayla

Thank you.

I owe you this first, a thank you. My life feels purposeful because you are here, and you are allowing me to share this incredibly expanding work with you. The Framework was designed when I realized nothing was working for me. No matter how many times I tried to be in my power, to explore my authenticity, to dive into why envy was ruining my life, I couldn’t reach the depths of these emotional fibers (as I like to call them). I was frustrated by the wellness culture I was sucked into when I first started my practice with Herbalism, which can be a place of extreme emotional bypassing and the lack of understanding that we as human beings are not smart enough to jump over hurdles we haven’t fully experienced.

It’s my belief that we are blocked from being able to receive healing from plant allies if we are not addressing the depths of our dark corners.

So I will leave you to it. I appreciate you experiencing this profound work with me, and more importantly I appreciate you for taking the time to put your needs first. To begin, click the bottom arrow that starts Days: 1-5.



Saged Fibers