The Ultimate Herbal Academy Gift Guide 2017

If you are anything like me, you love everything that has to do with wellness, alternative health, plants and herbs. I fell in love with alternative health at a young age, and the universe was oh so kind enough to lead me on my way to becoming an Herbalist, today.

What is an herbalist? An Herbalist is someone who has studied intensively and wishes to use their passion as an educational speaker, writer or practitioner in the herbal wellness field. Does that sound like you, too? Or someone you know? You'll want to stick around..

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Starting Your Own Apothecary

You're here because you have been curious about the practice of herbalism, and I first want you to take a deep breath in, and breathe out slowly because this is the start of a beautiful journey. Getting involved with herbalism is not an easy or quick feat, and it's important to start out with the basics. However, being able to stay organized from the start will be a great habit with time as your apothecary grows from 3-5 jars of herbs too much more.

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