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Cultivating Authentic Discussions Around Body And Herbalism 

For all bodies, for all unique beings, because no routine should look the same

I think most times we get caught up in how our body looks at any given moment, but not how it feels.
— Kayla, Saged Fibers

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Saged Fibers describes the connectedness of my everyday life with the ancient wisdom of our earth and all it has to offer us as human beings. Herbalism is a lifestyle practice. It's about bringing the body into balance in more areas than one. Connecting with the plants has provided me a foundation in which I've explored my life in a completely different way. Each experience is a fiber; day after day is woven together to create the art that is my life as a modern day herbalist. In this space I provide insight into the world of ayurvedic herbalism and how each unique individual needs a plan tailored to their unique body constitution. This is a safe space. A place free of judgement, fear, diet plans and the vision of perfection.