An online workshop rooted in Herbology

Insecurity is often an emotion we know far too well. It’s the pillar of resentment we have towards ourselves and our ability to be completely embodied. Our inability to push through this layer of undeservingness has taxed our body in more ways than one, creating sickness and immobility to swim to the surface and step into our role of true essence.

Being insecure, in any facet of your life, is not nothingness or something dreamt up, it is true depletion from your vital force. It is disconnected from everything absolutely wonderful, and that’s you.

Through this self-paced online workshop you will:

  • Understand the root of your insecurity.

  • Be guided on a journey of complete wholeness.

  • Join into relationship with plants that will accompany you on your journey of becoming whole and sure of who you have always been.

  • Build a practice of self security and embodiment.

  • Learn how to build the trusting fibers within you to make decisions.


What To Expect

In this self-paced online workshop you can expect to locate your self worth through the empowerment of guided meditations, journal prompts, plant allies and how to use them through this emotional exploration. You will also have the tools needed to support your entire being through nutritional recommendations, self care practices, spells and rituals. You can expect freedom.


The framework of this course is designed to be completely self-paced. This work has been created to be used time and time again, anytime you need to revisit this fiber of insecurity. The goal is not to be inevitable, but to be empowered to change course with the tools you now have under your kit of self fulfilling works with the universe.

Your shadow is your ticket home
— Rebecca Campbell

What’s Inside?


3 guided meditations

Daily journaling prompts

ritual practices