Coffee Mask

Nice to meet you, I'm Kayla!

On an average day you can catch me sippin' on delicious herbal tea, reading a book or working on content for my readers. Then, possibly while I am doing that, you can find me with a coffee face mask on because who doesn't like a little self care time? 

My whole life I have been drawn to being different and being a lead role in allowing women to welcome the confidence to feel unapologetically themselves. I studied client relations and the body for a few years and I was a professional cosmetologist for a little while, until my life took a turn and I focused on writing and educating others on breath work and self care practices, whatever that would mean for them. Currently I am studying intensive herbalism and ayurveda and it's been the most joyous part of my days. I like to always think of myself as a student because I am always learning, but being an educator is a humbling experience. 

I'm extremely passionate and in touch with my higher consciousness and I like pushing the boundaries with my mind. The mind is such a powerful healing tool, and I don't want any person that I come into contact with to not realize their true power as an individual. The world is so much bigger than we truly realize, and if I can make just one person see outside of that, and if I can allow them to say yes more, and then say no when they need to, and then also see the world as a complete healing organism, then I have done my job.

"Everything we need is outside and within us."


Kayla has..

Completed Human Services of Core Body of Knowledge in 21st Century Skills with in depth work of health safety, communications, hair & skin, as well as anatomy and physiology. |2012-2014| Kayla then went on to graduate and pass all board exams to become a professional cosmetologist in 2014. In 2015, Kayla has explored career paths in human interactions and social media marketing.
Completed the 6 modules of Introductory Herbalism through The Herbal Academy of New England. In those 6 modules of herbal health she intensively studied herbal preparations, the immune, respiratory and nervous system, the skin, ailments, herbal therapeutics, the holistic model of health, systems of healing and she passed all intensive examinations. | 2017 |
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