Kayla's favorite products

All products shown here are items that I can not live without. From time to time I get asked what products or items I recommend, so here they all are in one easy place!

Save Some Money

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Learn how to wildcraft and identify plants confidently in the Botany & Wildcrafting Course!


All of these books have impacted my life in some way, and it's been a great joy to pass them along to my friends to share the magic.

Personal + Beauty

Can you say self-care? I can not live without any of these items because they take my self care routine to the next level.

Health + Food

Mmm, delicious! We shouldn't just treat our outside well, but importantly our insides! I use these products every day interchangeably or harmonically to keep my health on the right track. 

Education + Herbal Preparations

As an herbalist, I go through these products like water! I also have included the school I used to get my herbal education. If you are interested in becoming an herbalist or learning more about herbal health, you might be interested in Herbal Academy.

Some, but not all, products shown are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase.