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Become an herbalist

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Individual Online Courses:


Introductory Herbalism

A course for an aspiring Herbalist who is unfamiliar with herbal preparations, and traditional wisdoms to be the foundation of your Herbalism practice.


Intermediate Herbalism

A foundational course to build on new herbal knowledge to better understand the energetic actions of herbs, and how they interact with the bodily systems.


Entreprenrurial Herbalism

For budding Herbalists who are looking to create and sell herbal products, proper manufacturing guidelines, and how to start your business from the ground up.


Advanced Herbalism

A course for Herbalists to pursue a clinical career in Herbalism. It’s required that you take this course after Intermediate, or already have a strong herbal background.

Path Online Courses:

Courses Included:   Introductory + Intermediate

Courses Included:

Introductory + Intermediate

Family Path Package

A path that includes two courses for a lighter cost. Perfect for independent family Herbalists who wish to start their holistic journey with plants to then support their family.

Courses Included:   Introductory + Intermediate + Entrepreneurial

Courses Included:

Introductory + Intermediate + Entrepreneurial

Entrepreneur Path Package

A path that includes three courses for a lighter cost. This course is for ambitious Herbalists who want to venture into product development and launching a business.

Courses Included:   Intermediate + Advanced

Courses Included:

Intermediate + Advanced

Professional Path Package

A path that includes two courses for a lighter cost. A great skip-ahead course bundle for already foundationed Herbalists who wish to go deeper professionally and clinically.

Courses Included:   Introductory + Intermediate + Advanced

Courses Included:

Introductory + Intermediate + Advanced

Clinical Path Package

A path that includes three courses for a lighter cost. This is for the student who wants to know it all, and be it all in the world of Herbalism. The most extensive package offered.


Study Slowly

Short Courses:


Materia Medica


Herbal Fermentation

Stress Management

Botany & Wildcrafting


FREE: Becoming An Herbalist, short course

Not sure where to start? Is this even for you? Do you understand what it means to be an Herbalist, and all it entails? If not, then this free online course provided by The Herbal Academy is for you!

- Explore the directions you can take to become an herbalist including certification and licensure – in the US and internationally!

- Learn the language of herbalists, and how to use safe words that protect you from legal issues.

- Understand the ethics of herbalism, the limitations you have as an herbalist, and important safety considerations.


*This is a recommended course to gain insight into how HA outlines their courses, and what it looks like!

Why The Herbal Academy..


“The mission of the Herbal Academy is to teach the art and science of herbalism honoring our intrinsic connection to nature. We are dedicated to teaching and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and vitality through the use of herbs, sound nutrition, and optimal health practices. We offer high quality, affordable herbal studies programs to empower our students, and celebrate the community- centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view. We hold sustainability and stewardship dear, and these are guiding principles for us. So, too is our commitment to not only providing a path for herbal studies, but also supporting our students all along their way.” -HA

This Is How I Became A Clinical Herbalist..


I chose this school because it was 100% online, the course offerings were expansive, and their website was clean, modern and organized- unlike most programs I ran into before enrolling into The Herbal Academy. Additionally, their teachers and staff are so incredibly helpful with any questions that you have even before you are enrolled, which was great because I had a million questions. If you are looking to understand Herbalism in any shape or fashion, The Herbal Academy is the school to enroll in. It doesn't matter if you are just wanting to do this for personal use, or if you want to build a business.

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