S1 Ep: 09 | Being Aware of Others w/ Spooky Spouses: The Afterlife, Deja Vu, Paranormal & Body

In this episode of Self / Aware, we became aware of others. Specifically, Jordan and Lindsey Reed from the Podcast Spooky Spouses. They are a husband and wife duo who are interested in the paranormal, ghosts, and cryptids. They have such a unique perspective on this realm of our worlds that we just had to sit down and pick their brains, Self / Aware style. In this episode we dug deep and had amazing conversations about the paranormal, what happens in the afterlife, deja vu, dreams, body and insecurities and MORE! We are so thankful for having them on our show and being our very first guests. Happy Halloween!

Get into contact with Jordan & Lindsey, the hosts of Spooky Spouses. A podcast about ghosts, the paranormal and a whole lot of fun. New episodes every Monday.

Spooky Spouses: www.instagram.com/spooky_spouses, twitter.com/Spooky_Spouses, Find their show on iTunes, Google Play & Spotify!

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