S2 Ep: 01 | Growing With Intent

We’re back! We are so excited to be back for Season Two of Self / Aware in the brand new year of 2019. We have grown so much as individuals in the short time we were on break and we have been working on so many exciting things for the podcast to share with all of our listeners. Not only are we finally on Spotify, but we made changes to our music, our editing and came out with STICKERS! You can receive your stickers by following the instructions below. In this episode we touched on the art of intention and how to use mindfulness instead of deadlines for the new year to fuel your mind and body for success.

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Credits: A very special thank you to: Josh Varnedore, 186,000 Endings Per Second. c 2018 Hammock Music for our intro and outro music. We appreciate you wholeheartedly. Visit his Instagram where he hand mines and sells beautiful raw crystals from the earth’s surface in the Ouachita Mountains.

Our soul honors your soul.

We honor the place in you where the entire elements reside.

We honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within us.

In our sharings together we are one, we are united, we are the same.