Summary of self

Your summary of self is your earthly fingerprint which includes your present and conceived stately constitution, as well as your cosmic background.

Additional Information

We all have a unique fingerprint that is just ours, and the replication of it is impossible. However, we are far more unique than just that, we have an earthly fingerprint! It’s obvious to say that we are all unique beings, and even if we have a twin, we are still vastly different. No matter the time you were conceived, the location or the season, we are all different.

All of the Saged Fibers workshops include or require this Summary of Self, as it is the foundation in which Kayla and the team formulate your personalized workshop! However, we understand that you may want this information to carry on with you, even without taking Kayla’s workshops- so at a discounted price you can receive your own earthly summary!


Peek Into The Questionnaire

What You’ll Receive

After you have purchased and filled out the intake questionnaire, allow up to 3 whole business days for a returned PDF of your Summary of Self. Below you will understand what your returned Summary of Self will include, and the information you’ll understand:

  • You’ll have a complete understanding as to what your conceived and present day ayurvedic doshic constitution is. (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

  • You’ll have a completed cosmic chart to better understand where your planetary alignments were placed at the time of your birth. (Astrological Chart)

  • You will understand what your current chakral imbalances lie within your body.

You will not receive information as to how to address any and all imbalances. Refer to the workshops to better understand how to formulate this knowledge into ritual, and how to use Herbalism to its full advantage for your unique bodily constitution.