what is herbalism

Herbalism is a practice of using plants to nourish, promote, expel and support different ailments that happen within or surface the body. Excitingly, herbalism is practiced with a traditional form of healing like Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, Graeco-Arabic Medicine or Ayurveda. You can even go a little deeper and have a supporting method of healing through Astrology, but it depends on the herbalist them self. At the end of the day, all traditions have a goal of supporting an issue, and treating the body as a whole working system.

An herbalist is a trained educator who has gone through extensive studies and practices to teach, educate or become a clinical practitioner to help others find balance in their life using herbs and healthy lifestyle practices that compliments a person's constitutional makeup. Even deeper, herbalism is more than herbal support. It's about outside practices, nutrition, and mental awareness to our inner and outside consciousness. 

preventive care

Modern medicine has come a long way when it comes to now having cures and groundbreaking diagnosis strategies for different ailments. However, what appears to lack is a thorough understanding as to why the body is reacting the way it is, and how an issue arose in the first place. In Herbalism and especially Ayurveda, educators believe that the core of one's health starts in the gut, and when one part of the body is out of balance, so is another. Our bodies are one whole working system, homeostasis. So, when we struggle with "x", it's mostly due because of "y" and it's throwing off "z". The goal is to start with "a", which is preventive care but if we already feel like we are at the end of the line, we can still get ourselves back to the beginning where we can continue on a path of healthy vibrant living.

More than ever the world needs health coaches, practitioners, and educators. I strongly believe that when we have a relationship with our coaches and practitioners, only then are we going to be able to have a better relationship with our bodies and then be able to have the proper conversations with our primary care physicians. 

mortar sage

Cooling Herbs

why herbalism works

The key to experiencing success through Herbalism is by having interconnectedness among ourselves and the universe. This trickles deeper into emotion, elements and energy. There is no quick fix or magical pill that will mask or take a problem away, but rather a tailored plan for each individual's constitution.

The primary focus is to treat clients as individuals and to stimulate their bodily functions through the use of holistic interventions. To the contrary, western physicians take on diseases by using strong chemicals that are difficult for our body to process. This ignores the unique makeup of the individual, but many patients under conventional care suffer from side effects that are just as bad as the condition being treated.

When our mind, body and soul are speaking together and working as one with the use of natural, holistic practices, then our whole being will respond with positivity and openness bringing us back to our conceived state of being. Our prakriti

So recommit. Recommit as many times as you need to your well-being, your dreams, your spiritual health, your workouts or your promises. Recommit to your self-belief. Failure is an illusion and the idea that you can’t start over will do nothing but keep you in a space of sadness. You can start over at any time, at any minute. And this one feels perfect.